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Teen's Fiction

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Flight of the Falcon

Sybilla de Saint-Valery, the daughter of a nobleman and soldier, had been staying with relatives in the castle of the Duke of Normandy. When news of an imminent English attack reaches the castle, Sybilla must undertake a dangerous journey home to her mother and the family estate.

But these are treacherous times to be on the road. En route, she is kidnapped by her father’s enemies, who demand that Sybilla’s mother hand over the deeds to the Saint-Valery estate in exchange for her daughter’s safe return. With only her faithful hound, Hannibal, and falcon, Merlin, to help her, can Sybilla escape her captors and reach Saint-Valery before her ancestral home is lost?

Set in eleventh-century Normandy, this adventure novel is an intriguing glimpse of the life of a young noblewoman in the early Middle Ages.


The story unfolds at a relatively fast pace, divulging historical facts as well as creating a sense of adventure. Readers will empathise with the heroine and easily imagine her predicament throughout her adventure.
Fiction Focus, WA Department of Education

This is a fascinating story. It reveals many aspects of life during this time including the pastimes and concerns of the wealthy classes as well as the struggles of the lower classes. Besides its historical appeal, this is a great adventure novel that, though short in length, is jam-packed with action.
Snap it Up! A Reader Guidance Magazine for Children and Young Adults, Summer 2006.

Susan Geason takes a detailed look at history, bringing political and domestic details to life through the eyes of an adolescent girl. The story is appealing and fast moving.


Death of a Princess

Meryet-Neith is a young beautician in the harem of the mighty Pharoah, Ramses II in Ancient Egypt. When the Pharaoh’s daughter, Princess Isis, dies suddenly, and when it becomes clear that Isis was poisoned the harem is thrown into an uproar and Meryet-Neith becomes a suspect. With the help of her future father-in-law, the royal physician, a clever Nubian dwarf, a very mysterious cat and a naughty monkey, Meryet investigates the princess’s death and solves the mystery and helps bring the culprit to justice.

This book was great. It as very well written and I felt as though I was a part of the story myself at times. Susan Geason described everything perfectly so that I got a clear impression of each character. I recommend this book to anyone between 8 and 13 who likes mystery and adventure.
Alison, 11, The Rap, Roller Coaster, ABC/
A setting that provides so much scope for storytelling as well as reflection on a truly sophisticated and astonishing civilisation had me incredibly excited. Thankfully, Geason doesn’t disappoint.
Limelight, September 2005
While immersing readers in the interesting customs of this fascinating culture, Geason quickly involves them in a well-constructed murder mystery. Realistic characters and insight into the life of Egyptian women, including the making and wearing of cosmetics will particularly appeal to girls.
Primary Focus on Fiction, WA Department of Education 2006-05-25
It’s not just the mystery plot that is designed to hook young readers; so too is the detail about life in an Egyptian harem. Geason weaves in information on daily life, social structures, beauty regimes and recipes for perfume, even mummification.”
The Age, 6 August 2005


All Fall Down Pic

All Fall Down

Fourteen-year-old Christabel McManus is bored and lonely. Since the death of her mother, her father has thrown himself into his work, and she has only her governess and the cook for company. When a servant’s eight-year-old son is kidnapped, Christabel impetuously decided to rescue him—by dressing as a boy and heading into the squalid and crime-ridden streets of The Rocks.

What begins as a game takes a terrifying turn, as Christabel discovers that the notoriously violent gangs that infest the slums are not the only threat; an outbreak of the deadly bubonic plague is imminent. And when Christabel, too, is kidnapped, the game becomes very dangerous indeed.

Set in 1900, All Fall Down is both a gripping adventure and a fascinating glimpse of life in Sydney at the turn of the last century.

This historical mystery/adventure story is for 10 to 14-year-old readers.


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