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Susan Geason is the author of the series of cult novels about PI Syd Fish, set in Kings Cross/Darlinghurst in Sydney. An entirely new Syd Fish novel, Hook, Line and Sinker, is now available on this website. She has also written Wildfire , a psychological thriller with a female protagonist. These mysteries have been published in French and German.

Her short stories have been published in Europe and America, most notably in Sara Paretsky's Women on the Case.

Her highly successful books for teenagers, Great Australian Girls, which recounted the life stories of 23 amazing girls and women, and Australian Heroines, stories of courage and survival, were published by ABC Books in 1999 and 2001.

Since 2005, she has written a series of historical mysteries for 8-12-year-old readers: All Fall Down, Death of a Princess, Flight of the Falcon and Rebel Girl. You can now read a new, unpublished teen's novel White Horses, on this website.

Geason received her PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Queensland in 2005. For it she wrote Under the Canopy of Heaven, a novel about Mary Taylor, feminist, business-woman, traveller and friend of Charlotte Brontë.
Geason’s latest non-fiction book (unpublished) is Dark Trance, an account of the Chelmsford Private Hospital Scandal that took place in Sydney in the 1960s and ‘70s and cost at least 50 lives.















NEW BOOKS.......

flight of the falcon cover  

Rebel Girl

Su-Yin is only thirteen when she is sold into slavery. Transported up the mighty Yangtze River, she settles into life as a kitchen hand in the household of a wealthy and high-ranking official of the Emperor.

But Su-Yin's life is turned upside downwhen her new home is attacked by a formidable armyof Taiping soldiers. When she and the family's young daughter escape, it is up tp Su-Yin to conceal the child's identity - at the risk of her own life.