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Bushfires are raging around Sydney. In the midst of the chaos a sadistic killer is on the loose.

When missing nurse Lisa Broderick is found brutally raped and murdered, panic spreads through the city like wildfire.

Rachel Addison, a police psychologist and the only woman on the homicide squad, is assigned to the case. Starting out as a hunter, Rachel gradually becomes convinced she is the prey. But this murder is forcing her to confront the mystery of her own painful past and she can no longer be sure what is real and what is imagined.

If Rachel is to survive, she must unlock her memory and face the fear that she has kept hidden in the darkest recesses of her mind.

A powerful and relentless thriller from the author of cult novels Shaved Fish, Dogfish and Sharkbait.

Wildfire © Susan Geason, Random House (Australia) P/L, 1995

Wildfire has an interesting, intelligentwoman detective and two marvellous, real, misogynist policemen. A fascinating new departure.

Ruth Rendell

Geason's words slice to the bone while her story builds with consummate skill. Wildfire is a terrific read that gets better and better.

Graeme Blundell, The Australia


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The Syd Fish Mysteries

Shaved Fish Cover Image

Shaved Fish

Who killed Devon Kent, a big-mouthed stripper who'd run out of credit? Who dared kidnap the pornographer's son? Why were Sydney's derros afraid for their lives? Where was Precious Ho, nymphomaniac Little Sister of a Chinese drug queen?

It's up to Syd Fish-failed journalist, sacked political minder and fledgling private investigator-to find out.

Shaved Fish is a breakneck tour through the Sydney tourists never see. Cynical, street-smart and master of the deadly one-liner, Syd Fish is the most entertaining guide you'll ever meet.

Shaved Fish © Susan Geason, Allen & Unwin , 1990

It is worth indulging Fish his tough guy affectations for the pleasure of making the rounds with him on his lusty street crawls of Sydney after dark.

Marilyn Stasio, New York Times.

Shaved Fish by Susan Geason. Stories with a genuinely unselfconscious Australian flavour-dry wit, identification with the underdog, shrewd observation of character, wonderfully accurate portrayal of Sydney-they couldn't have been written anywhere else.

Novelist and essayist Rosie Scott, naming one of the three books she enjoyed most in 1992, The Sydney Morning Herald.




Transvestite president of the Sex Workers' Union and community activist, Paula Prince, is determined to save Surrey Street, Darlinghurst. Lorraine Lamont wants to develop it; Chicka Chandler won't leave it. When Paula hires local PI Syd Fish to bodyguard Chicka, it looks like a straight-forward stakeout.

It isn't.

Dogfish enmeshes Syd Fish in a web of murder, corruption and political intrigue involving the gay community, the inner-city criminal milieu, and local and state politicians.

You'll meet gay scene-stealers, aldermen on the make, shady business types, politicians with hidden agendas, and Syd's new love interest, Julia Western.

You'll also run into old friends such as journalist Lizzie Darcy, Father Declan Doherty, the Gold Coast's own Andrew ('the Greek') Kotsopoulos, and Luther Huck, Kings Cross bouncer and famous 'fat man with a grudge'-all from Shaved Fish.

Outrageously frank and hilariously funny, Dogfish puts local government in the dock and wins a resounding conviction

Dogfish ©Susan Geason, Allen & Unwin , 1991



Shark Bait Cover Image  

Shark Bait

Old Selwyn Dixon has been boring Syd Fish and other regulars at the Acropolis cafe for years with stories about his heyday as a jockey. When he goes missing, nobody notices but Val, the big-hearted waitress at the Kings Cross greasy spoon. Even Selwyn's employer, a social-climbing Sydney trainer, seems oddly uninterested in the little jockey's welfare.

When Val guilts Syd into looking for Selwyn, the clues lead to Crash Through, a panel beating shop that serves as business headquarters for a bikie gang, and ultimately to the racing world.

Assisted by taciturn bouncer Luther Huck, and journalist Lizzie Darcy, Syd is catapulted into a case that includes car bombings, scheming women, a dawn motor cycle ride, an unpleasant experience at the morgue, and a shoot-out in Rushcutters Bay Park.

Shark Bait ©Susan Geason, Allen & Unwin , 1993

Susan Geason has an impressive knack of shaping a pithy vignette and great deftness with the punchline. Her Syd Fish mysteries are the funniest around.

Graeme Blundell, The Australian

Shark Bait is the perfect example of the crime fiction novel as urban chronicle and Syd's Sydney is the real city, not the stuff they put in tourist brochures.

Stuart Coupe, Australian Bookseller & Publisher